Rekor Trailer

Portable ALPR and speed detection system

Combine the power of Rekor’s advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition technology with FCC/CE approved Radar speed detection. Designed in a compact portable trailer, the system can be quickly deployed in numerous environments and features one of the largest portable speed signs available.

120 mph ALPR & radar capture speed
DOT approved construction and design
300w solar array, up to 15-day battery
Rekor ALPR Speed Trailer product image

Ready To Deploy

Deploy ALPR and speed detection where it’s needed

Rekor Trailer is designed to go wherever and is ready to be deployed whenever. It is ideal for use in areas seeing increased traffic, supporting special events and other temporary applications. With secure onboard 3G/4G ready communications and automatic solar recharging batteries the Rekor Trailer is ready to work.
Rekor Finder in Action video thumbnail


Customizable settings and alerts

Customizable speed messaging and edge processing of vehicle/license plate information provides alerts for hot-listed vehicles and creates safer roadways.


Let's speed things along.

We are ready to deliver an incredible ALPR and speed detection system in support of your mission to increase road safety.

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